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Our Story

Digitally enabled care has been a missing tool in the toolbox
Who We Are
Paths is a purpose-driven company that educates, informs and guides patients and family caregivers as they struggle to navigate our increasingly complex healthcare system. Paths also empowers physicians and other medical care providers with powerfully engaging and uniquely efficient tools to communicate more thoroughly and effectively with their patients.

As a registered public benefit corporation, Paths is committed to generating social and public good in a responsible, sustainable manner while dramatically improving the doctor/patient relationship in measurable ways.

What We Do
The company has developed value-added software solutions for medical practitioners that build strong relationships between doctors, front office personnel, patients and family caregivers experiencing challenging critical care and end-of-life medical circumstances.

The company’s initial suite of structured, diagnosis-specific content and services drives engagement between doctors, patients and family caregivers while documenting treatment and patient progress. The comprehensive, easy-to-use suite of powerful features and functionality of the Paths patient- and caregiver-centric platform acts as a medical learning management system (LMS) to cost-effectively streamline patient on-boarding, drive diagnosis education and dramatically improve both pre- and post-treatment outcomes.

Why We Do It
The company’s mission is to repair broken relationships in the medical sector caused by systems and practices that remove – intentionally or otherwise – the human component of medical care. The limited amount of time care providers spend with their patients has reduced the face-to-face, human-to-human interaction so critical to effective care, inflicting fear, doubt and confusion among patients and their families trying to navigate their personal healthcare journey. Paths provides trusted resources for physicians to distribute and patients to interact with that enhance knowledge for all parties in a thoughtful and trusted manner.

Founded on a personal and professional origin story, the Paths experience inspires company leadership and its strategic partners, public health organizations and medical providers to embrace and collaborate in making a difference in the lives of patients and caregivers by putting the patient journey first.

The proven benefits realized by medical providers who adopt the Paths ecosystem enhance patient engagement, personal accountability and treatment satisfaction while delivering measurable improvement in practice efficiency and operation. In doing so, Paths creates a win-win environment between physicians and patients that furthers and deepens a foundation of trust and personal care that is vital in today’s rapidly evolving healthcare industry.

Paths' origin story:

A mix of necessity and personal revelation.
Originally, our focus at Paths was supporting nonprofits, ensuring they could manage volunteers and clients effectively. However, the challenges of remote work during the covid pandemic uncovered a crucial issue within nonprofits. This firsthand experience led to the inception of Paths—an online toolkit designed to complement physical engagement.

Yet, amidst this innovative pursuit, life threw a profound curveball for the founder, Kermit Farmer. His wife's battle with Stomach Cancer reshaped everything. From her treatments and hospital admissions to her eventual passing in 2022, he became intimately acquainted with the labyrinth that is our healthcare system.

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It was during this deeply personal experience that he realized Paths could be more than just a lifeline for nonprofits. It had the potential to rebuild the way patients and caregivers engage with healthcare, making the complex journey more compassionate. The platform's adaptability and versatility expanded to address the broader gaps in healthcare management. This mission was introduced at the funeral of his late wife and driving Kermit forward ever since.

Our journey has been a rollercoaster of challenges and inspirations. Each step has been a learning process, and we continuously refine and expand Paths based on feedback and our own experiences. It's not just a solution; it's a dedication to crafting a better tomorrow for communities worldwide.

Thank you for taking the time to be a part of our story. If you have any questions or thoughts, don't hesitate to reach out to Kermit at kermit@villagepaths.com.

Here's to forging new paths together.
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Warm regards,
The Paths Team

Meet the team.

Team photo of James in black and whiteTeam photo of James Shore
James Shore
Chief Financial Officer
Team photo of Ryan in black and whiteTeam photo of Ryan
Ryan Thousand
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Chief Information Officer
Drew Mathias
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Chief Marketing Officer
Team photo of Chris in black and whiteTeam photo of Chris Kelsey
Chris Kelsey
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Operations Director
Headshot of team member Megan in black and white.Headshot of team member Megan in color
Megan Vail
Operations Specialist
Emily Chambers
Operations Specialist
Team photo of Ashley in black and whiteTeam photo of Ashley in color
Ashley Belshe
Team photo of Kermit in black and whiteTeam photo of Kermit Farmer
Kermit Farmer
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Founder & Chief Ethos Officer

Meet the board.

A headshot of board member Stacy in black and whiteA headshot of board member Stacy in color
Stacy Lloyd
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AMA Director of Digital Health & Operations
A headshot of board member Ryan in black and whiteA headshot of board member Ryan in color
Ryan Nichols
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Fortune 5 Business Consultant
A headshot of board member Domecia in black and whiteA headshot of board member Domecia in color
Domecia "D.J." Manuel
linkedin link
Pastor & Business Owner
A headshot of board member Lee Sharma in black and whiteA headshot of board member Lee Sharma in color
Dr. Lee Sharma
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GYN & Wellness Physician
A headshot of board member Kermit in black and whiteA headshot of board member Kermit in color
Kermit Farmer
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Board Chairman

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