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Paths is dedicated to revolutionizing the healthcare journey, placing a strong emphasis on early educational and emotional support. Acknowledging the profound influence of emotional states on health outcomes, Paths envisions a future where patients are empowered through informed decision-making and comprehensive care.

Kübler-Ross Grief Cycle & Paths

Individuals facing significant challenges, especially those with medical conditions often crisscross the Kübler-Ross grief cycle—comprising stages of denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.
Paths plays a pivotal role by offering tailored guidance, walking individuals through their care journey with clear educational materials and step-by-step instructions. This support aids in managing the emotional aspects of the grief cycle, empowering patients to navigate their healthcare journey effectively, fostering improved mental health outcomes, and enhancing overall well-being.

Patient-Centered Approach

Paths' mission is a patient-centered approach, empowering individuals to actively participate in their healthcare decisions. Interactive features, such as decision-making tools and personalized care plans, encourage patients to take an active role in managing their health, fostering collaboration and efficacy in care.

Coordination and Communication

Paths acts as a catalyst for effective communication and coordination among healthcare team members. The platform fosters seamless collaboration between doctors, nurses, and caregivers, resulting in a unified and streamlined approach to patient care.

Stress Management / Wellness

A primary goal of Paths is to help patients with stress management. The platform offers practical resources to remove fear, doubt, and confusion from the patient’s journey, empowering patients to navigate their treatment journey with a focus on improved mental well-being.

Emotional Support

In recognizing the multifaceted emotional challenges patients navigate, Paths integrates resources such as informative articles and facilitates connections with external support forums. For example, a cancer patient might turn to Paths for insights on coping strategies or to seek specialized online community support - hosted on the platform in various support group sessions.

Pre and Post-Procedure Guidance

Paths takes a proactive approach to patient care by offering tools to ensure comprehensive support before and after medical procedures. Whether it's preparing for surgery or understanding post-operative care, the platform ensures patients are well-informed, actively engaged, and supported throughout their recovery process with documentation of engagement.

Tailored Support for Caregivers

Recognizing the vital role of caregivers, Paths tailors resources to address their specific needs. Educational materials on providing emotional support, managing caregiving stress, and gaining insights into the patient's condition contribute to a holistic and supportive approach to care.

Patient-Driven Insights

Paths optimizes resource management by automating aspects of patient education with real-time knowledge of engagement. By delivering content based on the patient's treatment plan, the platform reduces the workload on healthcare professionals, ensuring consistent and timely education for patients. This data of engagement is known and graphed at the organizational level to identify successful outputs and to uncover inefficiencies.

Path-Driven Insights

Paths generates valuable data on patient engagement, behaviors, and preferences. Through analytics, healthcare providers gain insights into trends, enabling you to tailor the approach. For instance, if certain content receives high engagement, the healthcare team can prioritize similar materials for future use. When you know how patients are engaged with your content, you can adjust to better meet their needs.

Individual Insights

Time is of the essence when dealing with a tough diagnosis. From denial to acceptance, understanding a diagnosis poses a new hurdle at every corner, so crafting the process around the patient, with the doctor‘s knowledge in-mind gives immeasurable relief to both the doctor and patient. All aspects of an individual‘s care journey, starting with understanding their diagnosis can be measured with precise insights which the admins can see and adapt accordingly. By having access to granular insights of individual behavior with a timestamp, the medical team knows where the patient is within their healthcare journey.

Integration of Insights Based on Behavior

Weaving insights from the Kübler-Ross Grief Cycle and motivation/performance graphs, with actual date of engagement, Paths crafts a compelling narrative to gleam understanding to improve patient and practice outcomes. The platform showcases the transformative impact of early educational and emotional support on the healthcare journey, particularly for patients facing complex challenges.

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